Coolest Gadgets Of CES 2013

The CES of 2013 is over and the dust has settled again in Las Vegas. Hidden between the 4K television overload, the newest phones and tons of tablets some really awesome gadgets were demonstrated. Here’s an overview of the coolest CES 2013 gadgets (in no particular order).

CST-01 watch

This CST-01 watch created by Central Standard Time looks great but the specs make it truly magnificent. This e-ink based watch weighs only 12 grams and is 0.8 mm thin. On a full charge of its rechargeable battery it will run for a month. It was already announced on Kickstarter but CST demonstrated it at CES 2013 for the first time. Release is scheduled for September 2013. Read more…

Panasonic 4K Tablet

A lot of companies revealed their new tablets at CES 2013 but Panasonics 4K tablet was very hard to miss. Yep, that’s 4K or 3840 by 2560 pixels. This monster has a screen diagonal of 20 inches and weighs 2,5 kilograms. To move all those pixels around the tablet, running Windows 8, gets an i5 processor and up to 16 GB of ram. Do you see yourself sitting on the couch with one of those? Nor do I. But it’s still very cool.

Razer Edge Tablet

This could have been a normal Windows 8 tablet if Razer wouldn’t have fitted it with really powerful hardware and a wicked game controller dock. This portable gaming rig comes with an i5 or i7 processor, lots of RAM, big SSDs and an Nvidia GT 640M GPU. The only drawback is its screen resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. And maybe its price-tag of 1000 up to 1500 US dollars.

LaCie Blade Runner

How does a 3.5″ external hard disk end up in this list, I hear you say. For one reason only: Its gorgeous design. This LaCie Blade Runner is a thing of beauty and it’s a pity it only has a USB 3 connector. It’s one-size-fits-all at LaCie and the 4 TB drive will cost you 299 US dollars. More info…

Archos TV Connect

In my previous post you could read all about the exiting new Android Smart TV devices coming out in 2013. The Asus Qube is great but the Archos TV Connect is the coolest of them all. Its unique remote can be used both as a keyboard and a game controller. Together with the ability to perform multi-touch gestures and its magic wand pointer this will be the Android Smart TV device to watch.


When you first look at Project SHIELD you might think it is just another handheld gaming device. But it’s way more than that. This neat device which runs Android Jelly Bean has a full size controller, a powerful Tegra 4 processor and a multi-touch screen. All you need to run the latest and greatest Android games. On top of that it also let’s you stream games that run on your NVidia powered PC over WiFi. Yes, you can play your PC games anywhere in your home like if you were sitting behind your PC. You can even hook the Shield up to your television and play your Android and PC games on your big screen.

This concludes my list of coolest gadgets at the CES 2013. Did I miss anything spectacular?

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