Phablets: Does My Phone Look Big In This?

When Samsung introduced their Galaxy Note in 2011 a lot of people raised their eyebrows.  Who needs a 5.3 inch device that is too big to be a phone and too small to be a tablet? But instead of Apple Continue reading

Is Your Next Smart Phone Chinese?

The Chinese have always been masters at copying products so it is no surprise they did the same with smartphones and tablets. A lot of the models are nearly indistinguishable replicas of popular phones likes the Galaxy SIII or iPhone and will Continue reading

The Lumia 920 Will Not Save Nokia After All

A while ago I shared my enthusiasm about the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 with you. It looked like a really good phone that seriously might bring back the glory days of Nokia but now it is really here things don’t look so hopeful anymore. Continue reading

App Stores: Does Size Really Matter?

Today Google announced that their Google Play store now contains over 675.000 apps and the download counter has passed the staggering amount of 25 billion. Apple is still the market leader when in comes to size, serving 700.000 apps from its App Continue reading

Will The Lumia 920 Save Nokia?

There’s no denying Nokia has gone through a few rough years. First Nokias inability to keep up with the latest  mobile phone developments has turned it from market leader into nearly extinct. Then it made a bold move by abandoning Symbian and becoming partners with Continue reading