RaspBMC vs OpenELEC vs XBian: The Final XBMC Raspberry Pi Shootout

XBMC Final(ly) on the Raspberry Pi Update 2 March 2013: OpenELEC 3.0 Final now used for the shootout and also tested the 12.1 update for RaspBMC. Boot-time of RaspBMC seems to have improved slightly but OpenELEC didn’t improve noticably over Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Print And Scan Server part 2: CUPS and AirPrint Setup

In part 1 of this series I explained how to set up a Raspberry Pi powered scanner that could do tricks like one-button-dropbox-scanning. But the goal was to create a Scan and Print server. So let’s take a look at Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Print And Scan Server part 1: Scan Straight To Dropbox

This project initially started out as a Raspberry Pi printer server. Looking for a new printer I didn’t feel like paying an additional 60 euros for a network enabled printer. I knew our beloved Raspberry Pi could do that job Continue reading

Android Game Consoles: Ouya vs GameStick

For a long time the big three (PlayStation, XBox and Wii) ruled the land of the game console. But last year a new console was announced: The Ouya. This Android based game console aims at independent game creators and casual Continue reading

Comments Are Working Again

Due to some technical problem it was impossible to comment on posts and pages. I already felt it was pretty quiet out there. Things are fixed and you should be able to share your thoughts again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by Continue reading

The Perfect XBMC Installation On Your Raspberry Pi

So you’ve got a Raspberry Pi (or it’s on your wish list) and want to turn it into a truly great media center? You’ve probably already heard the best media center software around, XBMC, runs pretty well on the Pi. Continue reading

Coolest Gadgets Of CES 2013

The CES of 2013 is over and the dust has settled again in Las Vegas. Hidden between the 4K television overload, the newest phones and tons of tablets some really awesome gadgets were demonstrated. Here’s an overview of the coolest CES 2013 gadgets (in Continue reading

2013, The Year Android Hits A TV Screen Near You

Android is market leader on the smartphone and is also doing pretty well on the tablet. Strangely enough Googles attempts to get Android on your TV screen haven’t been really successful so far. 2013 is the year in which this is all about to change Continue reading

iMito MX1 Review: Android Smart TV On The Cheap?

Smart TV Televisions are becoming smarter all the time and the latest generations let you do far more than just watch your favorite programs. TV manufacturers try to boost sales by making their product do just a bit smarter than Continue reading

Phablets: Does My Phone Look Big In This?

When Samsung introduced their Galaxy Note in 2011 a lot of people raised their eyebrows.  Who needs a 5.3 inch device that is too big to be a phone and too small to be a tablet? But instead of Apple Continue reading